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Marci Sealey    

Medium & Spirit Artist


'We are Spirit, and there's the spirit that has passed; it's a conversation we are having"

Marci Sealey. 

It is only natural that questions may arise following the death of a loved one. It is part of the process. "Grief is real because the loss is real." Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. 
Meet Medium and Spirit Artist Marci Sealey. With twenty years of experience as a Social Services counsellor, Marci offers insight from a holistic perspective. As a medium, she will guide and help you accentuate your internal resources so you can move forward on your spiritual path to healing from grief.    
Marci is honoured to serve as your go-between conduit during this process. Her messages always come from the highest and most positive of intentions. With her Guide's assistance, she will bring your loved ones in Spirit forward to communicate with you via an Evidential Mediumship Reading and a Spirit Art portraiture. 

During a mediumship reading, Marci will connect with your loved ones with help from her Spirit team. Through this connection, evidential messages may include the essence of their personality, physical appearance likes and dislikes, hobbies, inside jokes, words of advice and more. Before meeting with Marci, you may feel nervous, apprehensive, excited or maybe a combination of these feelings and others, especially if you're a first-time Sitter. All you have to do is sit and receive messages with an open heart and mind. While your loved ones are no longer physically present, their love and need to bring comfort never ceases, regardless of your relationship. Rest assured, those challenging family members or friends will always present the best version of themselves with opportunities for healing and closure.
Some Spirits may not be ready to come forward because they have recently transitioned and need time to adjust to the Spirit World. Some people also need more time to process the pain of a loved one's recent passing. 


"Colour is the essence of people; the colour vibrates through; that's why Spirit Art is important to me. I feel the vibration of colour!" Marci Sealey 
Marci will create a portrait during the reading of loved ones in Spirit, which is a visual picture and meaningful evidence for you to treasure. When conducting a Spirit Art mediumship reading, Marci utilizes her clairsenses to construct an image of Spirit. Her paintings are created with various art mediums such as paint, pastels or pencil. 
If you are interested in a Spirit Reading, please use this link to contact me to schedule an appointment.   
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Spirit Art by Marci Sealey

As a medium and Spirit Portrait Artist, Marci took time to develop her artistic and medium skills. She has mentored many mediums in Canada and England to refine her mediumship and spirit art. As a medium and past counsellor, she has worked in trauma-informed settings, which is evident in her compassion toward her clients. Many of her clients have experienced loss, and Marci assists in her reading to heal on a spiritual level. As an evidential medium, Marci's readings are focused on bringing forward loved ones and their messages of hope. Her portraits of loved ones are created through her connections to her guides, spirit art inspirers, and spirit loved ones.


Many of her clients have experienced loss, and Marci assists through her reading to healing on a spiritual level. As an evidential medium, Marci's readings are focused on bringing forward to loved ones and their messages of hope. Portraits are created with connections to her guides and spirit art inspirers.

Her work's emphasis as a medium is to make those connections to loved ones that are no longer with us and provide a conduit for their voices. Messages are always loving and caring about helping those here with their current lives and helping them heal. 


Learn more about spirit art readings, and please get in touch with Marci with any questions you may have or to set up a reading. 


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Currently in person  readings, zoom, facetime. Contact for details.